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Builder3  As part of our theme on friendship, Mrs. Thomson started off the week with a collective worship on being builders or breakers in life. With a pile of empty shoe-boxes at her feet (evidence of a sartorially elegant footwear collection?) she called a group of highly trained Y6 volunteers to the front of the hall.One brave, young man was asked to build a tower using these shoe-box “bricks”. Every time a friend made an encouraging comment, our volunteer put another shoe-box on his tower. It was looking impressive by positive statement number five. Along came number six: whose single, negative statement brought the whole edifice crashing down. There are audible gasps from the children.Builder 2   We all sat there thinking, “Are we someone who brings down those around us with our litany of woes and criticism or do we make an effort to be supportive  and encouraging?” In the Bible, the book of Proverbs says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” ( Chap 18)Mrs. Thomson left us with the challenge, “What will we choose? Are we going to be a builder or a breaker?”builder