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Every term at St. Matthew’s our collective worship is based around one of our core Christian values as a |Church school. The theme is explored mostly through stories: from the Bible, as well as from other faiths and cultures. This term’s theme is COURAGE.Our worship usually starts with a thought-provoking power-point and soothing music (unless we are acknowledging the passing of David Bowie, in which case it was a quick burst of “Starman”.) Tales are told  with actors, props, video or the seasoned story-spinner’s voice (Mrs. Thomson!) Mr. Baird will often introduce a modern or historical twist. We finish with a song, a prayer and a call to, “Go and do likewise,” as Jesus said.Some of the children are currently setting themselves a “Courage Challenge” where they learn a new skill requiring determination and resilience. If you would like to send in a photo of them attempting or even achieving their goal, it will be added to the “Heroes of Courage” display. Mr Ahmad Whilst we are on this theme, I would like to say a belated thank-you to two people of courage who visited St. Matthew’s last term. They were answering questions about their personal faith as part of the Juniors’ RE curriculum.Mr. Ahmad talked about how his Muslim faith influenced his daily life. He patiently answered all our questions and the children were left with a picture of a courteous, caring and peaceful faith practiced by more than one billion people globally. Thank-you, too, Mr. Ahmad for the beautiful Qur’an you left with us.Mrs. Ahmad came prepared with photos and artefacts galore to help tell the story of her Christian faith. It was so refreshing to hear how someone’s personal beliefs can support them in good times and bad. The children were fascinated and had a LOT of questions. I hope you didn’t feel it was too much like being “thrown to the lions”, Mrs. Ahmad!Our curriculum is hugely enriched by the willingness and knowledge of such visitors.