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We all have anecdotes about the amazing things that our children say. Often these are funny little phrases that pass into the family annals as “in-jokes”. In my own family, we still talk about being covered in “pimple-gooses” when we are cold. I also remember one of my off-spring seeking reassurance by asking, “What do BIG spiders do to little girls?” and her father rather unhelpfully replying, “Eat them!”We have similarly entertaining experiences with the children in school. One colleague, taking a Nature Club asked, “Where would you find a coot?” “I know! I know!” was the excited reply, “On a coot hanger.” When asked about their ideas of the afterlife recently, some accounts included an “angle of pinkness and redness” and massive walk-in wardrobes!More often our children challenge us with their pragmatic spirituality. As Mrs. Thomson said in the Easter Service, “Our children lead the way.” These are some contributions taken from our new school “Worship Books” and class “Thinking Books” where the  children have a chance to respond to the term’s Christian value theme and also to the class RE topic:The after life: 

  • I think people change into angels and can transform into anything peaceful because God, and the people that believe give them magic. I think angels are very tall.
  • I don’t know.
  • They go up to heaven and God cares for all of them.
  • Heaven is a place to start a new life.

Forgiveness is like:

  • an animal being set free.
  • love in your heart.
  • starting your work again on a new page.
  • sitting in a warm bath and watching all your worries go down the plug-hole.


  • Friends are like a mini-family. They are very important to everyone.
  • Friends mean everything to me because I can look up to them, I can play with them, I can care for them, and they can help and care for me.
  • Friendship is happiness and kindness: loving, caring and being interested in what other people think. Treat others how you want to be treated – always!

Messages from God to our world:

  • Don’t worry, I will never forget you. Do not let your worries take over you. Remember happy times.
  • Always have courage.
  • Be strong, be bold, be helpful, be imaginative, be kind. Be what I will be.
  • I am thinking of you.