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image\n\n\n\nThis week we have been having great fun exploring space in our rocket, Reception 1. We have been exploring the Milky Way and imagining what it would be like to be in space.\n\n\nimage\n\n\n\nWe are very proud of the planets and stars we have been making all on our own. We have decided to put the finished ones up on the display. We are going to add even more next week.\n\nThis week we have also been thinking about our favourite toys and making alien fact files. We have done some brilliant independent writing and are remembering our finger spaces as well as trying to use ‘and’ as a joining word in our brilliant sentences.\n\nimage\n\n\n\nWe have been learning to double and half numbers and other items in the classroom this week. We have become very good at doubles and halves when adding and subtracting items. We have even been helping Mr Lewis when he gets his counting wrong or has less items than he wants.\n\nNext week we will be preparing for sports day, learning about the planets in our solar system, working a bit more on halves and taking away and finishing off our alien writing. On top of that we have a very exciting trip to Bristol zoo!