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This week we have been learning about adding one more. We have been very successful playing a variety of games that help us to understand what adding is all about. We have even gone as far as looking at number sentences and even a little bit of taking away.We have been looking closely at two books this week, It’s a Secret and The Magic Bed. Both written by John Burninghamand both involving just a little bit of magic. Some of our classmates showed their wonderful acting skills by recounting the story of It’s a Secret in small groups. This also helped us to write a short sentence about an animal that could have been in the story. Most of us took inspiration from pets that we had at home.The story of The Magic Bed made us use our imaginations to the full. After hearing about the wonderful adventures that Georgie went on with is magic bed we imagined where we would like to go if we had a magic bed. Scotland was a very popular choice. In the story Georgie also needs to work out a magic word that starts with m and ends with y. We made lots of suggestions but decided that if we chose the word it would be mummy.In our phonics sessions this week we have moved on from learning the sounds to looking at whole words. We have even been introduced to Fred the Frog’s cousin Freddie Fingers. He helps us to use our sounds to write words.This week we also completed our dance entitled ‘Going to the Park’. Among a multitude of skills this involved very careful listening, counting a rhythm and balancing on one leg. We were all very successful at this. Mr Lewis will video us doing or dance next week.Next week we will begin to prepare for our part in the Nativity. We will be trying on the costumes the school has in it’s wardrobes and listening to the songs that we will sing.