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Rowan class have spent nearly all of this week altogether! We are busy making new friends and learning their names, taking turns on the bikes in the big playground, learning the letters m, a, s and practising writing them in different ways, taking phone calls in the ‘School Office’ and typing out messages, digging in the sand and mixing ‘cement’, as well as climbing the trees using the skipping ropes and painting both indoors and out. Lots of us like looking after the babies in the home corner and fixing dinner and some of us spend some quiet time in the reading corner looking at the books on Elmer we have been reading this week. We can all now sing our Chick Chick Chick chicken song and flap our arms like chickens!We have learnt so much this week- eating our lunches in the hall and playing out in the big playground with the older children have been 2 new routines. Today we met our buddies in Y2 and had lots of fun playing with them. We will look out for them the next time we play in the big playground!