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Despite the weather this week started with some great fun in Forest Schools. We searched high and low for wool worms. Some were green, some were brown and some were pink. It was hard to find the green and brown ones but the pink ones were easy to spot (although hard to remove from the trees with our gloves on!). We took all of the worms we found back to base camp and counted them under cover of the tarpaulin. It would have been a good day to learn about making fires, but we will have to wait a bit longer to learn that skill.We have been getting nice and messy in the classroom this week. With no more than an art straw, some newspaper and a bowl of what we lovingly refer to a gloop (papier mache mix) we have been making dinosaur teeth. It is hard work cutting and sticking the straws but with the help of a clothes peg and some ‘pinchy’ fingers we managed to get them to stick into a ‘T’ shape. After that we placed a small amount (well tried to) of gloop on the paper and wrapped it around the ‘T’ to make  triangle shape. This linked on nicely with the shape work we have done recently and if they are dry enough we will use the teeth in our shape work next week to make a repeating pattern dinosaur tooth necklace.We have also started writing our own dinosaur books based on stories we have been reading over the last two weeks. We have stuck very well to our story plans and can’t wait to finish them off with some illustrations. We will see our stories up on the wall once we have finished them. This week many of us have also met a very big challenge – to write our very first whole sentence all on our own. We spent some time building up to this during the week and are very proud of the stickers we earned.We finished off the week with a celebration in church where we all received a blessing. It was the first time for most of us and we were brilliant in waiting for our turn at the front of the church. All of the adults are very proud of us.Next week we will be adding some more pieces to the pterodactyl for our classroom and looking closely at some dinosaur poems. We all love rhyming words and will be looking at and writing them in our own work.