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These past few weeks have been very busy.Last week we went to the church to Experience Easter. We listened to stories and thought about our hope and dreams. Then on Thursday of this week we returned to the church to have our Easter Church service and lots of mums, dads and grandparents were there which was so exciting. We sang really well and sat beautifully all through the service.Some of us have been really exploring messy play. Some of us love getting messy and some of us hate it so Mrs Armstrong challenged the children who didn’t like it to have a go..and..guess what, we found out that we do like it, so long as we are wearing aprons and wellies.The weather is improving and lots of us are spending much more time outside; climbing the blossom tree and digging in the sand.Today we were given homework folders! We have some maths and writing to do, as well as our usual reading jobs- very exciting!Sorry there are no photos this week, we are experiencing technical issues with computers/internet but they will soon be resolved. Please do check your Evernote notebooks for new photos all the time and please do upload photos, if you like, over the holidays.Congratulations to George Lavis, Felix Forgione and Sophia Marshall for their Commendations this term.HAPPY EASTER! Have a super break.