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This week we finished our ‘Friendship cards’ during Writing Cafe. We had all taken a photo of our talk partner (who is also our friend) and we made a card for our friend telling them why we liked them. This links with our Friendship theme in Collective and Class Worship at the moment. The photos are so good we are doing to display them in the classroom. We have also been getting used to having the guinea pigs in our classroom. Every day the ‘magic pot’ decides who the helpers are and now their extra duty is to feed the guinea pigs and fill up their water. In the afternoons we have guinea pig stroking time, one at a time, with a cushion on our laps.


They are very fluffy


We have to be quiet and hold them carefully

We have a guinea pig log book which we write in when we have fed or held them so we know who has done it.Today Hazel Class (Y1) visited to tell us their innovated story of The Night Pirates. It was very exciting with lots of Pirate words and Pirate voices!JpegJpegWe will visit them next week with our new version of Dear Zoo. The Certificate of Achievement today went to Oliver Chandler for his great progress and attitude to his reading. Well done Oliver!!!Have a great bank holiday everyone.