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This week we have been looking very closely at plants and seeds. On the Interactive Whiteboard we have seen how a plant grows from a seed and experimented with taking away water or light when it is growing. This is the website we used to help us: Growing Plants. Next week we will plant our own seeds and watch them grow over the next few weeks. We will have to take responsibility for watering them and ensuring they have enough sunlight and care. To achieve this we will be writing rotas for days of the week and making sure the equipment we need is always available.We have also been thinking about special people this week. We made a recipe for friendship that we felt made somebody a friend. We all agreed that we can be friendly all the time but we all had best friends that we talked about in circle time. One of the vital ingredients in our friendship recipe was ‘they make me laugh and I laugh with them’. Helping me work and playing with me were also very popular ideas.We have been perfecting our bike riding skills in the outside play area. We rode a course made with cones, including a start and finish line. We had a go at riding around the course as fast as we could. If we managed to get around the course without hitting a cone our friend wrote us a driving licence. It was hard but we managed to get very fast by the end of the week. Next week we will be making our own courses and making sure that they are possible to complete.We finished the week with a visit from Zoo lab. We can’t wait to tell Mr Lewis all about it in news writing time on Monday.