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This was an exciting week for all of the children in Rowan class- their first Nativity show ever!On Monday we had a full run through in costume, on Tuesday we performed for the Juniors, who LOVED it and on Wednesday and Thursday we performed for the parents.  We were excited and nervous all at the same time. Because we only came on at the end we had to wait quietly in the corridor until it was our time to get on stage. Then, when the curtains opened, we could see our parents in the audience! Such an exciting moment.”The stage lights were so bright I could hardly see a thing!” said Tobias.But we all sang really enthusiastically and Mary and Joseph (Evie and Jamie) said their lines confidently and loudly. What stars! Everyone did a really good show and worked together. Mrs Armstrong is very, very proud of us. Evie Pearce got the ******Certificate of Achievement***** this week for performing so confidently as Mary. As Mr Baird said in Assembly, she is really the most important character in the story of Christmas. Happy weekend everyone. One more week of school left and then it’s the Christmas holidays!