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This week we learnt lots about recycling and we also investigated our daily composting and asked   “What happens to our fruit waste?”All week we went to the big compost bin to look for worms, slugs, snails and fruit flies because we found out they are the creatures who turn our fruit snack waste into compost to use in gardening club!Lots of us thought the compost bin was too smelly but lots of us went every day to look for creatures. We had all brought in shoeboxes to make into houses, which we first painted and then added windows, a door, and some of us even put in an upstairs and a downstairs. Those of us who finished showed ours during the sharing assembly at the end of the day. On Wednesday, we had a visit from the recycling bin lorry and they showed us how the bin crushes the rubbish. Lots of us wanted to sit in the cab and pretend we were driving- see our Evernote notebooks for those photos!We have had a fun week and we particularly enjoyed dancing to the Recycling song……https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heskCH-YADQ– Here is the link to the song and the video- it was very popular with the children! Finally- many of the children labelled the Recycling bin for paper and we learnt how paper is made from old waste paper and how it is better to do this than cut down a tree. Our writing skills are very impressive, as Mrs Thomson noticed when we brought the bin into our assembly.What could you recycle this weekend? See you on Monday!