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This week we have been problem solving as part of our enrichment week.\n\nMr Lewis set us some challenges that we worked on all week. One of them was to design and make a car that would carry an egg down a ramp. We had great fun building these from Lego or cardboard. We even hunted through the outside area for sticks to make the axles. Here are a couple of our cars.\n\n\nimage\n\n\n\nimage\n\n\n\nWe also had great fun seeing who could build the tallest tower. The towers were made from sand, large construction blocks or Lego. We had to work out how to reach up high.\n\nWe enjoyed making obstacle courses for the bikes and racing around them. Some of us even earned our driving licence!\n\nOne of the hardest challenges was to make water go uphill. We used the plumbing pipes to try and make water go up and into the water tray. Some of us actually succeeded but we all had a great time trying. Check back here soon for an update including a video to prove we got water to go uphill.\n\nNext week we will be back to solving the ‘normal’ challenges that a being in Reception class entails. These will include making eggs and monitoring our plants growing.