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Last night we had our final Gymnastics club of the term.  We practised the skills that we have been learning for the past two terms and combined them to begin making routines.Next week we would like to invite parents in to come and watch us perform our routines to music as well as showcase some of our other skills.IMG_0295 Eva and LucyIMG_0297 Eva and LucyIMG_0304 Eva, Lucy, Kiara and EmilyIMG_0306Eva, Emily and Kiara.IMG_0309Lucy and EmilyIMG_0311Eva – she isn’t falling over, just mid round off!IMG_0312Emily, Kiara and Lucy.IMG_0313Emily, Kiara and Lucy.IMG_0318Kiara, Emily, Eva and Lucy.IMG_0327Hannah and FaithIMG_0329 Hannah. IMG_0336Hannah and FaithIMG_0337Hannah and FaithIMG_0343Ruby, Aaron and Amy.IMG_0349Ruby, Aaron and Amy.IMG_0358Aaron.IMG_0364Thomas.IMG_0374Ruby, Aaron, Amy and Thomas.IMG_0379Ruby, Aaron, Amy and Thomas.IMG_0381Ruby, Aaron, Amy and Thomas.IMG_0389Ruby.IMG_0391Ruby, Aaron, Amy and Thomas.IMG_0392 Ruby, Amy and Thomas.