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Every morning we open our advent calender which counts down to Jesus’ birthday. The names are selected at random and we receive a small chocolate.On Wednesday we created candy canes with pipe cleaners and wool. This is for the Christmas Tree Hunt on Sunday!On Monday we made French Christmas stockings. The French usually place a small chocolate inside their stocking on 6th December.In Maths we have started to use an expanded written method to solve addition and subtraction number sentences.We have spent this week writing our Stone Age stories up neat on lined paper and have now began to word process them!We learnt all about soils in Science yesterday. We now know that soil is made up of small pieces of plant and rock mixed together.We are looking forward to all the festivities next week!Most successful learners of the week – Jenner!Certificate of Achievement – ” I was extremely excited when I got the certificate!” – Maddy

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