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Year 6’s Eco Week

This week we have been focusing on recycling and keeping the planet safe.On Monday, morning a man from ‘Printwaste’ came in to talk to us about recycling and why it is important. When he asked if anybody had any questions and no-one put their hand up – he offered cream eggs as a prize!!! We found out that many plastics can be recycled – old bottles can be made into fleece jumpers and CDs can be made into plastic cups!During the afternoon, Lisa Newport from ‘Nampak’ to talk to us about recycling milk bottles and the gear you have to wear when you are in the Nampak factory – she also set us a challenge to decorate a milk bottle and recycle it in to a plant pot.On Tuesday, Year 6 did some fashion designing using recycled clothes. Some girls from Stroud College came in to help us with the alterations. Some children made pencil cases out of trousers, some people made dresses out of t-shirts and others redesigned items by painting them.Thursday was the day when we started making ‘papier-mache’ globes using balloons and ripped pieces of  recycled paper covered in glue. We then painted the globes and made holes in them – when a torch is shone inside them they will give out light from where cities are. In the afternoon two players from Forest Green came in with someone from ecotricity to talk about what they do and what matches they’ve played.Overall we had an awesome week and it was great fun!

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