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This week Year 6 have been doing lots of rehearsals for our production of ‘Go for goal’  We have been working on the songs and making sure that we all now when to come on and off the stage and when to pick up props or change costume. It has been really hard work but we are all enjoying it. The stage is starting to look really good and we are beginning to try on our costumes and get a feel for what the final performance will be like.We are also doing other projects. We are designing and making a model of a river using Papier Mache and we are working on a book called ‘The Midnight Fox’ by Betsy Byars.In the back of our minds we are starting to think about leaving St-Matthew’s as well. We are starting to plan our leavers party and leavers service.On Friday 4th July we all went to visit our Secondary Schools. We met some of our teachers and made new friends in our tutor groups. Secondary School feels absolutely massive and a bit scary but also exciting.See you all when you come to watch the production next week Year 6

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