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We were delighted to find out our topic this term is called ‘At the seaside.’100_3383We’ve learnt an interesting rhyming poem called ‘Caribbean Counting Rhyme’ here it is…One by one, one by one waves are dancing in the sun.Two by two, two by two seashells pink and purply-blue.Three by three, three by three big boats putting out to sea.Four by four, four by four children fishing on the shore.Five by five, five by five little walking fish arrive.Six by six, six by six pelicans performing tricks.Seven by seven, seven by seven puffing clouds patrolling heaven.Eight by eight, eight by eight fishes nibbling juicy bait.Nine by nine, nine by nine taking home a catch that’s fine.Ten by ten, ten by ten tomorrow we will come again.During Science, with Mr Pritchard, we identified common wild plants in the Forest School area. Here are some of us exploring …100_3347 100_3357 100_3351 Our role play area is now a Travel Agents. Inside are holiday brochures, clothes from around the world, a puzzle of the world, atlases and postcards. Here are some photos of us …100_3381 100_3388 100_3404