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This term, each house group is going to be cooking Roman honey oat biscuits and cheese straws with Miss Oxford.We have started looking at structures and their features in preparation for making a stable Roman chariot towards the end of term. We will have a tournament to test the chariots and see which ones can withstand 3 hits against an opponent.In violin we have been practising super hard ready to perform to our parents on Tuesday March 17th at 11.30.There are new school council members – Rosie and Max – we wish them success in their new roles.Can you solve our Maths problem this week?1.)  Dan the detective looked for a number. He found a two-digit number. The sum of its digits was 12. Their difference was 4 and their product was 32. What number do you think Dan found? 2.) Dan found a two-digit odd number. One of its digits was half the other. The number was greater than 50. The product of its digits was 18. What number do you think Dan found? Certificate of Achievement – ” I was so excited I couldn’t believe it!” – Abbie

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