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The Surprise at the Shark Tank

By Greg McCrink

Greg was a daring boy, who was always getting into surprising adventures. His best friend Iain however was a smart and sensible boy and the best kind of sidekick to have along on an adventure and today’s adventure was a trip to Weston Super Mare, Greg and Iain couldn’t wait to see the sand sculptures, visit the aquarium especially the shark bit and to have the most enormous ice cream on the way home.

Iain was waving as Greg was walking up the road, he ran to meet him.

“Hey Greg, Mum gave me £20 spending money, today’s going to be great. What would you like to do first?”

“Let’s go see the sand sculptures,” said Greg.

“O.k. race you.”

They arrived at the entrance, “I win, I win,” shouted Greg as he jumped up and down and punched the air. (He was a nice boy but did like to win everything…) Iain was holding his side and rolled his eyes and said, “I think I’ve got a stitch.

They went into the sand sculpture display, it was cool. There were sculptures of Batman, Star Wars, Knight Rider but the best was an 8ft sculpture of King Kong that was holding a damsel in distress. It felt like he was coming to get you.

” Pretty scary stuff, eh?” said Iain.

“Nah,” said Greg, “My Dad’s scarier looking than that in the morning.

“Shall we go to the aquarium before lunch?” said Greg.

“Yeah, come on,” said Iain, “I’ve heard it has a lush cafe where we could have burger and chips, with a chocolate milkshake.” said Greg,

“Mmmmm,” they both murmured.

“Can’t wait to see the sharks, they are the best bit” said Greg.

“And the frothy milkshake all over your chops!” said Iain.

The aquarium was great there was loads of colourful fish, Piranhas, Jelly Fish and they even found Nemo. Iain thought he was dreaming when he saw a huge tank for the sharks and what a lucky day because it was feeding time.

“Come over boys,” said the shark keeper, “do you want to feed one?”

“Yeaaah!” they both said, “this is the best day out eveeer,” said Iain.

As they started feeding the sharks the keeper said, “Don’t lean over too much, if you fall in you’re a goner.” What did Greg do, fall in.

As he sank to the bottom he thought this is it, this is how I’m going to bow out. Up top there were lots of people running around and Iain was screaming, this was mainly muffled out because of all the water. Greg sank to the bottom and landed on what he thought was a big rock, he picked it up in case he needed to whack a shark with it, as he grabbed it he realised it was a skull. This must be what happened to the last boy that fell in thought Greg, guess I won’t be getting that enormous ice cream now.

To be continued…….


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