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This week has been poetry enrichment week and focus poet was Brian Moses.We learnt ‘Walking With My Iguana’ off by heart and performed it to the the whole school this afternoon. Here it is…I’m walkingWith my iguanaI’m walkingWith my iguanaWhen the temperature risesTo above eight-five,My iguana is lookingLike he’s coming aliveSo we make it to the beach,My iguana and me,Then he sits on my shoulderAs we stroll by the sea…. I’m walkingWith my iguanaI’m walkingWith my iguana Well if anyone sees usWe’re a big surprise,My iguana and meOn our daily exercise,Till somebody phonesThe local policeSays I’ve got an alligatorTied to a leash. When I’m walkingWith my iguanaI’m walkingWith my iguanaIt’s the spines on his backThat make him look grim,But he just loves to be tickledUnder his chin.And I know that my iguanaIs ready for bedWhen he puts on his pyjamasAnd lays down his sleepy head. And I’m walkingWith my iguanaStill walkingWith my iguanaWith my iguana…With my iguana…And my piranhaAnd my chihuahuaAnd my chinchilla,With my gorilla,My caterpillar…And I’m walkingWith my iguana…With my iguana…With my iguana… Here is just a few examples some abstract art that we created linked to the poem ‘Walking With My Iguana!’Below is a spine poem that we wrote as a whole class about an Iguana.   

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