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We have arrived!!!We have arrived safely in London after some heavy traffic in Cirencester and a short snack and toilet stop at the services. We arrived at the Natural history museum and had an early lunch before splitting off in to groups and exploring the massive museum. Most of us really loved the geology section which had an amazing Japanese earthquake simulator in it!! We saw a life-sized model of a blue whale and walked through a human body exhibition. There was a section about ecology and the history of planet Earth as well as a huge escalator that carried us up through the centre of the Planet.

image1 (1)

Eva getting an aerial view of ‘Dippy’ the Diplodocus


Chillin with a Gorilla


Year six have the weight of the World on their shoulders!!

image1 (2)

Having a quick rest in the ‘Baby’ section!!

 After visiting the shop and relaxing next to ‘Dippy’ the dinosaur, we headed off for the Hard Rock cafe for tea. The food at Hard Rock was amazing and there were loads of signed guitars, outfits and drum kits. Lots of us had a ‘Legendary’ burger and some had ‘Mac n cheese’. We have now arrived at the hostel and we are having some time to relax in our rooms before bed.
image1 (3)

Hard Rock Cafe

Tomorrow we are off to the Houses of Parliament and we are really looking forward to our cooked breakfast.