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What an amazing week! We are all so proud of the Infant Nativity “Sparkle”! Every child is a superstar for getting involved and working so hard. In Year One  we saw awe-inspiring planet dancers (not strictly scientifically accurate, what with Mercury orbiting Jupiter, and two Neptunes in rehearsal – until we spotted that little hiccup!)  but we were shining and spinning enthusiastically. The Star Choir impressed us with their sweet music of the spheres and the Star Polishers were real scene stealers. Are they as energetic about tidying up their bedrooms?  (They say NOT!)We have been busy Christmas making…. and learning about the true meaning of the season by looking at the Christmas Story. We had one Mary take a “thinking  walk” after Angel Gabriel came to visit with some surprising news. We were fairly evenly divided about whether we would have said “Yes, please,” or “No thank-you” to God when he kindly offered for us to look after Baby Jesus. Teagan, who was Mary for us, finally decided that actually, on the whole, all things considered, she would rather not “because babies are a lot of trouble.”When we got to the journey part of the story, a different Mary uttered the immortal line, “Are we nearly there yet?” Joseph replied with, “Help, someone!!”  Any picture-book or video has been greeted with excited cries of “That’s Sparkle! That’s what that star is. That’s our play. Is our play true??”We’ll leave you lovely parents and carers to untangle that knotty question. Have a lovely last week of term. It’s packed with festive goodies.