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In Poetry Week, Hazel Class have been learning some Autumn poems by Shirley Hughes. Linking with our Farm Topic, we have looked at Autumn fruits and frolics.We started the week by building fires in Forest School. Mr. Pritchard let us throw on magic fir-cones which burned with different colours! We also made some Art pictures out of natural materials, like the artist Arcimboldo. He painted faces made from fruits and vegetables. What do you think of our creations?  This paper collage Arcimboldo is by Tom. After Forest School we tried writing our own Fire poems just like Shirley Hughes. She said fire is like a dangerous and beautiful dragon. Isabelle thinks, “Fire is like a ballerina…like a dancer…Fire is orange.” we wrote our poems in flame shapes and have made them into a bonfire picture.We have been story book authors this week, as well: writing about the Enormous Turnip and the Little Red Hen and their Autumn Feasts.

What a lot of writing in this zigzag book!


Using a story map.


Storyboarding with captions in a mini-book.

 Sometimes using story actions to help us remember the story order made us laugh sooo hard that we…..see for yourself!  We had lots of practical maths this week: weighing real vegetables in the Farm Shop;  using all sorts of measuring sticks and tapes to find out  how tall we are, how big our hands, feet and heads are… and how long the playground is; using timers to see how many catches, hops and skips we could fit into just a minute! We have been so busy that we had no spare hands for taking photos, except for these two on the last day, showing part of a leaf investigation. Mrs. Burrows helped the children to collect leaves then measure their length and area. We also looked closely at the parts of our leaf and made oil pastel drawings.  And of course, we found lots of other creative ways to explore our stories and poems:

Painting our favourite part of the Enormous Turnip story.


The moment the turnip goes “Pop!” as it comes out of the ground.


Sticky spot “Lost Sheep”

  On our last day of term, the school had a poetry celebration. Hazel class recited “Feasts” by Shirley Hughes. We also sang “Big Rock Candy Mountain”. We made up a verse of our own where chocolate grows on bushes and trees are full of “Smarties”! Jasmine and Kayla accompanied us on their ukeleles. What a fantastic week. As usual, a HUGE thankyou to all the adults who helped us.Happy Half Term, Love from Hazel Class.