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On Tuesday, Year One had a very exciting trip to Billow Farm.We saw huge tractors at work.Lots of us thought the trailer ride round the fields was great fun and extremely bouncy!Jack enjoyed it when we stroked the animals, especially the miniature horse. We fed the goats (they tickled) and saw a big spotty horse too.Simon and Sylvia run the farm. They have a dog that liked to chase anything we would throw for him: a ball, a boomerang, a stone and a very squishy apple. He chased one ball into the middle of a very mucky pond. Simon says he’s called Stupid but we think that’s just a joke.Hayden liked making the bird feeders by threading Cheerios onto a pipe-cleaner. We think you ate more Cheerios than the birds, Hayden and Nicholas helped!We all laughed when Simon showed us the horse’s teeth. They were sooooo big.After lunch we went on a farm trail and looked at all the hedgerows. Sylvia gave us sticky circles to turn into nature pictures. We put anything interesting we could find on our sticky pictures. Sam found some purple sloes and Evie made a rabbit face.Just before we went home, Simon showed us how to make a bug hotel.Later in the week we will try to publish some pictures of Billow Farm and our trip, so watch this space!