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We started our new “Castles” topic with a rattle of swords and the rustle of silken skirts. Yes….Hazel class became a castle for the day! Brave souls who entered had first to clamber over a very convincing drawbridge. All chivalrous knights had to leave their swords at the portcullis. The class was transformed into the Great Hall prepared for a banquet. Long tables groaned under the weight of mediaeval Milky Ways and princely pretzels.“Red wine-ish” was served in plastic goblets by several rustic serving maids and then a hush descended… there was a sharp intake of breath as the lovely Lady Lisa of Young entered. She was amazed at the creativity of attire on the gathered nobility.We were also honoured by the gracious flying visit of the Great Quangle Wangle herself….we think she arrived on a dragon but we’re not quite sure where she parked it. As you can see: great fun was had by all!