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In other words…. we have had a great week of D.T. : making wheeled vehicles.How many elephants can you get into Dr. Who’s mini??As many as you like because it’s bigger on the inside!We have designed, constructed and painted like Ford himself. We know all about axles and wheels if you care to ask us. We could probably design our own Batmobile in the Easter Holidays if we run out of other things to do!! There have been some super photos taken of the whole process but due to technical difficulties these are unavailable at this present time. Watch this space however.We also had a super party at the end of term. We earned it by collecting 163 marbles in our class jar. That means 163 moments of excellence from wonderful Hazel class. Thankyou to all the adults who contributed to our Easter goody bags and joined in the fun on the day.. We had music and dancing; a short Disney video of how the Easter bunnies make chocolate eggs, pin the tail on the bunny and cake from Woody.  A wonderful time was had by all.Have a lovely Easter.