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What have we enjoyed this week? Squillions of things!In Literacy we watched a video called “There’s no such thing as dragons.” Mum keeps tying to ignore Billy’s dragon, so it grows and grows just to get noticed. Our favourite part of the story is where the dragon is huge (and hungry) and it runs away with the house on its back. If you want to know how the story ends, ask a Year One!Another super group baked cakes this week. We had the most fun decorating them. It sounded as though a lot of  “pink and sprinkles” was involved. Some of the cakes were awarded their own names…. Superbill and Superdyll. Who thought of that?We are loving our Super Hero themed activities. It even crept into a special PE ball games session we had this week, thanks to the amazing Mr.Tanner. ( A visiting PE specialist.) Some of us were dressed in super capes which gave us special PE powers. Mrs. Newbould would like some of that, she says, to help her keep up with us in Wake and Shake.Super singing Club had our most requested song. (There’s a hole in my bucket.) hooray! We like it when the girls get grumpy with the boys and the boys get away with doing NO WORK!Super Science has had us out in the Welly Area in all weathers. Sometimes we even manage to come home in our own clothes. We are also investigating light and dark in class with all sorts of interesting torches and light boxes. Which one turns out to be the brightest has yet to be decided.Have a super week from all of us Ninjas, Bats, the Supers, the Wonders and Ben 10s Alien Forces. 

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