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We apologise for the hold-up in publishing these photos of some wonderful children on a super day out!  (All due to technical problems outside our control.)We had a fabulous time at Copesgrove and hope you can see how much we enjoyed ourselves (and how much we learned!!)We started off by thinking about where our breakfast comes from.

What is your favourite breakfast: toast, cereal or the “Full English”? Do you know where the food comes from?

   We saw some amazing Highland cattle with huge horns.  We also visited some friendly cows and calves … and some noisy Gloucester Old Spot pigs. This is us setting off across the field to see the pigs. It felt like mountain climbing!  We were very pleased with our woodland art. Somebody is having fun!! We discovered skulls in the woods. We were good at guessing what animals they might have come from. We learned that if you look at an animal’s teeth you can find out what food they like to eat. We went on a discovery trail to find all sorts of nature clues about woodland animals and trees.  How many things can you find to do with a tree? Some of us even tried hugging one. It took more than 4 children to get all the way round.    We had a great time, but of all our favourite things to do (and the interesting rural earth-closet featured highly as a main attraction) we all REALLY enjoyed toasting marshmallows to make chocolate biscuit “smors”.         Thank-you to all who helped us to have such a brilliant time. We could not have done it without you.