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Hazel Class has just spent an amazing time

learning all about some beautiful birds, courtesy of the Welsh Bird of Prey Centre.

This is a young Eagle owl He has caught four foxes this year when he was out hunting.

This is a young Eagle Owl. He has caught four foxes so far  this year when he has been out hunting.

Here is a “Did you know” of some fascinating facts that we learned:

  • that a lannister falcon dives at speeds faster than 120mph.
  • if owls were the same size as us, they would be 20 times stronger.
  • that an owl is covered in very soft feathers and fur so that it is silent when it flies.
  • a bird of prey has huge claws to catch its food.
The Lannister falcon

The Lannister falcon

One of the owls even talked to us! (It sounded like lots of hooting.)

We know two brave children who wanted to hold a kestrel.

They had to wear a really thick glove

and the man held tightly onto the bird’s lead so it couldn’t fly away.

Y1 137     Y1 138      

Mrs. Newbould’s favourite bird was the grumpy little White-faced

Scops owl. He was called Victor.



We also saw a red-tailed kite and a buzzard.

Which bird of prey was your favourite?