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This week the children wanted to talk about their Forest School experiences and the unusual people they meet in Writing Cafe.Tell me about Forest School this week:

  • We be making some bread and little houses out of wood. We catch little bugs and look at them and I like the thing with the rope swing.
  • In the Forest School I catched a little baby bee. I didn’t hear the buzz noise but I saw the pointy bit at the back and the stripeys.
  • My mum says “Don’t scrape them into the little box or you might kill them.”
  • And they won’t see their mummies again…
  • …and their daddies…
  • … and their grannies… (and a whole other crowd of assorted relatives!)
  • I like it when we builded a bonfire.
  • Mrs. Young says, “No pick; no lick!”

What do you enjoy most about Writing Cafe?

  • I like eating carrots and pears. (Break time fruit is available as finger food on the table while the children are thinking what to write.)
  • I like writing.
  • We get to eat and write. I writed about the scarecrow. He was scary.
  • I like it when you colour.
  • I wrote about the Lost Sheep. he got stuck in a hole.
  • Pig poster…and bananas!
  • Arabella the waitress (The children’s Writing Cafe name for Mrs. Libbiter, our TA. Mrs. newbould is called Madam Mim and we have a mysterious burly chef called Shirley.)