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Here it is everybody. A  great website for fun games.  As a class we will be using these games in our Maths and ICT lessons over the next few weeks. The children really wanted to be able to play them at home as well!www.ictgames.com Find the website, select “maths” and then try out these activities:

  1. Addition > Save the Whale
  2. Addition > Funky Mummy  (possibly our favourite!!)
  3. Addition > Lifeguards ( I like to play with the radar OFF!)
  4. Money > Money payer
  5. Money > pay for it ( what’s not to like about your own personal scanner?)
  6. Subtraction > Soccer subtraction. ( A little unfair that your opponent scores a goal if you miss your shot!)

Have fun but remember, like Hector and Smarties…….   Stay SAFE. Always let your grown-up know what you are doing and ask for help if you are worried.