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Rain again.Same again.Day after day again:Another wet play again.What a pain!Rain again!! If you are feeling a little sad and soggy here’s something to brighten up a damp day without having to get your wellies on.Try out:                                                                            www.arcademicskillbuilders.comIt’s a  great website with lots of  free educational games. We have been using it to practise our maths adding and take away skills. However,  it is a site where you are playing against real people, not just the computer, so the children have been remembering to keep their personal details secret and have chosen themselves usernames (” nicknames”) to play on-line. They know they should only play with an adult in the room so that they can ask for help if anything worries them.To help you support them in enjoying this website, Year One recommends selecting Grade 1 games. Our favourites are:

  1. Ducky Race ( take away)
  2. Jumping chicks ( reading numbers)
  3. Kitten Hop ( word recognition)
  4. Kitten match ( pairs of numbers to make 10)
  5. Koala karts (counting)
  6. Tugboat ( adding)
  7. Spider Match (trickier take away)
  8. Alien addition (shooting invading spaceships against the clock)
  9. Minus mission ( take away whilst racing against creeping slime. What’s not to like?)

 Mrs. Newbould really enjoys “Ducky Race” , “Kitten Match” and” Alien Addition”!Of course, you could always put away the computer and go and jump in puddles. Have fun, whatever you choose,Love from Year One.