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We have so enjoyed visiting two very special places recently: St. Matthew’s Church and beautiful Gloucester Cathedral.

We sat here to eat our snack. Do you think the monks did the same, long ago?


Give your local cathedral a hug. What makes you think this is an action shot?

Just a quick word in your ear, Lord…


A heavenly choir in the heavenly Quire.


Where’s Harry Potter then?


Kool and the Gang in the Cloisters.


…mediaeval bus queue?


Beautiful fan vaulting on the Cloister ceiling. Did you find out what the little holes were for?


How many monks can you fit in a lavatorium?


“When I was quiet I heard God whisper to me.”


A wonderful time was had by all.

 Finally, thank you to all the lovely grown-ups who have helped us on our trips to the church and the cathedral.We could not have done it without you!