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First of all we want to give a big St. Matthew’s welcome to two new faces in our class. It is great to have you,Tom and Kyesha. You have already fitted in so well.This week we have really enjoyed jumps and leaps in all sorts of activities:1.PE and Wake and Shake are very popular.  Gymnastics is a big hit at the moment. We are being very brave, walking along the narrow beam and balancing up high, (sometimes we can even manage on one leg with pointy toes.) We have learned how to jump off and land safely. We are also making up our own ball games with bats, hoops, buckets and hockey sticks (plastic and child-friendly). We could now write a book entitled, “101 ways with a bean bag.”   Wake and Shake was even more fun today because the Juniors couldn’t come in so the Infants had the space all to ourselves. We certainly helped Gary Barlow to “Fly High”.

  • I like balancing on the wood. (Adam)
  • Wake and Shake is all sorts of dancing. (Kyesha)
  • I liked the extra space “up the back” (Nicholas)
  • I want to do gymnastics when I am bigger. (Thomas)

 2. We have been learning how jumps on a number-line help us to add up. Did you know you have to count the jumps but not the number you start on? Some of us can do this with our fingers, or in our heads, but we still had fun drawing our own number-lines on the whiteboards to prove our answers.3. Our new topic on “Fantasy Worlds” has us making big leaps of imagination. We have been drawing Space pictures to give us ideas for story writing. Congratulations to Teagan who received this week’s certificate for her Space picture. Mrs. Newbould thinks they are ALL amazing and wants to put them all up. We just have to find a bit of  room first. Do you think Mrs. Young would notice if we put them up all over the Read Write Inc wall?  We even have a line of Chinese dragons hanging from the ceiling. Their scales are handwriting patterns! And some of us made clay dragons in Forest School time. Unsurprisingly, our home-time stories are Fantasy too: full of aliens, pirates and dinosaurs as poor Dad travels through time and space to get the milk for his children’s breakfast cereal.  Thank-you Lola and Ellie G. for bringing in Winnie the Witch books to make us laugh. We have the illustrator Korky Paul as our author focus until Easter, so these books were great when Jenna read them after Golden Time. Finally, we had some more super-heroes baked with Mrs. Evans. (Just two groups to go then everyone will have had a turn by the end of term.)As usual, a busy and fun-packed week. Have a good weekend….Love from Year One.

Did Mrs. Evans really say we have to BEAT the eggs?


It’s all about team-work.


Sometimes it’s fun to get REALLY messy.