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This week we went on a Maths trail with Mr Baird. We stopped at 6 different places to solve a Maths puzzle about Geometry. Here are some pictures…100_2432100_2433 On Wednesday, we had a visit from ‘The Problem Solving Company’ who had lots of tangram puzzles for us to create with right angle triangles, parallelograms and squares.  Here are some pictures …100_2448100_2459100_2449Yesterday was a Maths dressing up day! We all made such an effort and everyone dressed up. During the day, we worked in house teams to make our castles with a moving drawbridge. We used cardboard boxes, egg boxes, shoe boxes, dowels, cams, string, coloured paper and tissue paper. Here are our masterpieces…100_2472 100_2473 100_2474 100_2475