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Here are just some of the things we have thought about in Year One this week…..Why does hot chocolate taste better when you have been running around in the Welly Area?How can I be a good friend in the playground? How am I special and what am I good at?How can I make my writing even better?Why do frogs lay soooo many eggs? How does a frog make that sound? Why are some frogs poisonous? Did you know that some frogs can fly? (well, glide really!)Why is it never my turn to go in the Farm Shop?What do you call those little caterpillars you get in windfall apples? ( Lots of suggestions: nuggets, miggots…caterpillars…)How does Izzie manage to twist herself into that pretzel shape?When can I change my Reading Book?Is it nearly lunch time? (The academic equivalent of “Are we nearly there yet?”)And finally: when asked what they liked most about school our lovely Year Ones didn’t talk about friends or food but the fun of “learning new stuff”.