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Has been the motto of the week.

We make anything out of anything

With some glue and a little tweak.

We had some fun planting mystery seeds.

The compost made us mucky.

We were given lots of bottles (recycled to make plant pots)

Aren’t we lucky!

We watched a dustbin lorry

Munching rubbish in the rain.

We promised to reduce the load

before they came again.

keep smiling!

 We used our imaginationTo create some junk-strumentsOut of packets, bottles, boxesAnd cardboard rolls that you’d all sent.We really like to shake themAs a song accompaniment.   But take care with all the seeds inside(They won’t agree with our inside;So keep them safely locked inside)Then we can rattle to our heart’s content.   In an Enrichment week…These are just a fewOf the amazing things we do.Hope you enjoyed it too!!