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Guess what we are all excited about this week…(as well as being back in school of course)This term, Class One has the chance to try our hand at cooking with the multi-talented Mrs. Evans. Each week a different group will be making mini-sponge cakes and decorating them as SUPER HEROES ! This week we created SuperTed, Iron Man, Ninja Turtles, Superman and Wonder Woman. See if you can spot them in these photos. Definitely a case of  “many hands make light work”  …and not of  “too many cooks”.

Creaming together the butter and the sugar.

sieving the flour

Using the mixer….. guess how much stayed in the bowl!

Spooning the mixture into the paper cases. We weren’t allowed to lick any of it…even though it looked delicious.

Decorating was sticky but fun.



We wonder who made these Ninja Turtles?

Marnie Marnie