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A lot of the former and not a great deal of the latter in our trip to St. Matthew’s Church this week. We love our church…it feels like a big, warm, welcoming hug as we walk through its doors. The children were excited before we had even got out of the school car-park. With the cries of, “I can see it! I can see the tower!! It’s huge!!!” ringing in our ears, you would think we had never visited before. We were obviously looking at the building through fresh eyes as a special place.As we arrived, we wondered why such a huge, beautiful, expensive place had been built at all. Avery decided God wanted it large enough to get us all in together, like a big family. Brilliant!Once inside we walked round in small groups to look at wonderful treasures we had never seen before: embroidered vestments, a silver chalice and patten, special wafers with a cross on top, the stained glass window showing the story of St. Matthew…..so many amazing things to find out about.Then we chose one special place to sit and draw our favourite part of the church.Finally we had a few moments to think quietly about how the church made us feel, to say a prayer if we wanted to and to ask questions. What a lot of questions….thoughtful ones like…

  • Where does God live?
  • Who was Jesus’s real dad?
  • When we pray how does God hear us if we don’t pray out loud?

It certainly lead to some interesting discussions later amongst the adults!A wonder-full time was had by all. As usual, thankyou to all the lovely grown-ups who came to support us. We hope you enjoy the gallery of our photos.