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So sorry to have missed our last chat! The Blog Monster who writes these pages for Year One  (you all thought it was Mrs. Newbould didn’t you…) well… he had gone into late hibernation, triggered by relentless rain and a gloomy outlook. He was seeking refuge from noisy wet play-times, he told me, and had found a warm, dark corner of the stock cupboard for a little snooze. Unfortunately, he forgot to set his alarm!However, he is now fighting fit, full of beans and very excited about this week’s quiz which he has planned for us. So, having made a fulsome apology on his behalf, I will hand you over to him.Yep! Yep!! Yep!!! Hello, all you horrible little Herberts out there. Blog Monster here. Have a go at our quiz (although you might need to help the grown-ups with some of the tricky questions.)1. What shape is The Plough in the night sky? (Have you ever seen it for yourself? It’s brilliant.)2. Which is the odd one out and why?    >>>>   the sun, a candle, a television, the moon and a torch.3. Who is called “The Light of the World?”4. Which superhero hates Kryptonite?5. What is brown and sticky?6. How do you get four elephants into a Mini?7. What do foxes, badgers, owls, and bats have in common?8. What are the next three numbers in this pattern?              2   4   6   8   ?   ?   ?9. Which is the odd one out and why? >>>>   so, because, then, hippopotamus, and, however.10. The Blog Monster (that’s ME!) would like a proper name. What would you call me? 

Answers on the back of a used postage stamp or in an old sock would be fine. I

especially love cheesy socks as a snack.

Furry Hugs,

Blog Monster.