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Did you know that there is a time machine in Stroud? It’s called The Museum in the Park and Year One went to visit this week, for an old-fashioned trip to the seaside.Such a quick coach tripWe had barely time to ask,”Are we nearly there yet?”Before we’d reached Stratford Park. We had a clamber in the playgroundUsing lots of energyBefore we went in the museumTo see what we could see.  

A fantastic slide show whisked us all into the past

When life was so much slower and we travelled round in carts.

(Or on foot, or on a bike, or in a boat or on a horse.)

We all thought Chalford donkeys were the best of course!

Then we all raced outside for some games “on the sand”.

In the chilly English summer by the seaside it’s just grand!

We played “Piggy in the Middle” then had a rounders match,

Until one team was out ‘cos Marnie made a SPLENDID catch.


We had a storyteller, on the grass in the sun,

Who had seven hats to help him make his characters great fun.


We looked round the museum: there is such a lot to see;

And lots of things for little hands to fiddle with for free.

We had such a brilliant day, so thankyou everyone

Who helped us on our trip: it was such fantastic fun!