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All things Super-hero are appearing in Hazel class this term. Writing at the speed of light, calculating faster then a speeding bullet, leaping tall gym mats at a single bound. We are super-kind, super-clever, super-have-a-goers and here’s the proof…..Is it a bird? Is it a plane?? NO! It’s SUPER-LEARNER!    We also had a lot of fun sorting out the dressing up box in Golden Time. Mrs. Newbould asked us just to keep things we needed for our super-hero topic. We decided to keep it ALL!You need brave knights and courageous kings to fight terrifying monsters like this.And Super-heroes often have to rescue princesses, I’m reliably informed…especially when they’re having trouble with their tights.Have a SUPER weekend. And don’t forget non-uniform day next week…. you might want to create a super costume (shorts over tights anyone?) !!! Love from Hazel Class.