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 We  have started writing our own version of The Tiger Child. We have all chosen a wild cat or a wild dog for our main character: Solly has chosen a cheetah, Emma has chosen a fox, Marley has chosen a panther, Maddy and Barley have chosen a wolf, Jacob has chosen a jaguar, Ellie has chosen a leopard,  Theo has chosen a snow leopard and Thomas and Lewis  have chosen as mountain leopard. Zoe has chosen a snow leopard and has set her story in the North Pole with igloos instead of houses!We are learning to tell the story of the Great Fire of London through dance. Tyrese is playing the part of Thomas Farynor, the baker who started the fire in Pudding Lane back in 1666. We started to plan it out using our special fire music Manuel de Falla’s Ritual Fire Dance. Amber is the first spark that jumps out of the oven and starts the whole fire. We practised being flames and sparking the fire around the hall.Max has been very keen this week on learning a new method for adding 2 digit numbers, he LOVES it. We partition the numbers into tens and units and then add the tens together, add the units together and put it all back together at the end.Ellie got the Certificate of Achievement this week for having an enthusiastic and hard working attitude all the time. ” It was amazing going up to get my certificate in church.” We went to the Harvest Festival this morning and sang many of our favourite hymns.Maddy took the stick insects home for the weekend and Poppy has them this weekend. Remember to clean them out Poppy!