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On Monday morning, we set off to Sainbury’s bakery. We enjoyed learning about how bread and cakes are made. Katie explained how the machines have special attachments in case of a fire.

Here we are back at school making ‘Great Fire of London’ cakes…

This week, we have started our new English unit on Pokemon. Here is our Pikachu report. Why don’t you ask us to retell it to you at home?

In Maths clinic, we have been playing some super cool dice games. This is what you do:

1.) Get a 0-9 sided dice ( You can play with a 6 sided dice too!)

2.) Roll the dice.

3.) Shout out the number bond that matches to make 10. ( e.g. if you roll a 6 shout out 4)

The other game is to shout out what double that number is. ( e.g. if you roll a 6 shout out 12)

‘Hit the button’ number bonds has been set for Maths homework this week. You can play to 10, 20 or 100.