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This week we have been reading and learning to tell the story of The Runaway Train. We have taken our story maps home to practice telling the story to our mums and dads, dogs and cats, brothers and sisters, grannies and grandpas.  We all enjoy saying the chuffa chuffa chuffa woo woo bit……We have also been doubling and halving all week. Today we played number cricket and Mrs A bowled us a double or half and we had to bat back the answer.We went for a RE walk on Wednesday and looked around the Forest School area to find items with intricate patterns on that made us go WOW. Tyler found a slug that was beautifully camouflaged against the lichen on a log. We wondered about who made the world and discussed the Creation story.The ***Certificate of Achievement***** this week went to Ruby for starting to think mathematically when problem solving.Marcus took the stick insects home. They have a log book with them now so we can record how many there are and how our weekend with them went.