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Making bracelets at our end of term party

Our Africa week has been really good because we made some Fire children out of saltdough. We baked them and painted them. Mrs Armstrong read us the story of The Fire Children, a West African Folktale, around the fire during Forest School. We were drinking hot chocolate which Mr Pritchard made with his Kelly Kettle.There has been a box on the stage all week with a sign up that says DANGER DO NOT FEED. We don’t know what is in the box! We all have different ideas.For homework we all found out about different countries in Africa. My country was Egypt (Billy) and mine was Nigeria (Milly). We made a giant map and made little maps of our countries and stuck them on.  See photos!On Wednesday Richard and Louis from Cameroon came and taught us how to dance. Richard is the drummer and Louis is a dancer. We wore headbands, tunics and skirts. It was fantastic fun! See photos!We learnt how to sing a Namibian Welcome song called Halima Pakasholo. Mrs Thomson and Miss Oxford came and listened to us singing it. Some of us kept a rhythm with drums.

African dancing in the hall

Our map of Africa

Our map of Africa

Playing cards at our end of term party

African dancing!

We are having our party now, spending the marbles in our jar we earned for good behaviour.We can’t wait to come back for Advent term- REALLY!Billy and Milly