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This week we played bench ball in PE. We learnt how to play last week and this week we are finding ways of making it more challenging. We are also working on our team work skills. Solly loves bench ball and enjoys being both a mover and a blocker (just like our successful learner targets!) and trying to pass the ball to the team captain. Marcus says that eye contact really helps when you are passing the ball.This week in maths we have started learning how to divide and we have all got our own time tables booklets which we can have forever! Some of us are making the link between division and multiplication which really helps when solving division problems. Theo says “Division is excellent!”We had writing cafe today; some of us wrote instructions on how to play bench ball, some of us wrote a story about Duffy and the swish trains and some of wrote a diary about being a servant at the big house, which is now the museum in the park. Billy, Lewis and Marcus were all best customers and Billy read his story out to the class, with real feeling!Solly got the *******Certificate of Achievement**********for his skills as a learning partner AND as a team player- at bench ball and as a kind, helpful member of Team Year 2!Barley took the stick insects home……….how many are there now Barley?