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How to make elderflower cordialWhat you need:27 children30 elderflower heads, freshly picked locally55g of citric acid (Thank you Mrs Libbiter)6 lemonsA 1kg  bag of sugarA jug of boiling waterHow to make:1) First you check the elderflower heads for insects and take the insects outside if they are still alive.2) When you have checked them all, weigh out the sugar and dissolve in boiling water, stirring continuously.3) While someone is stirring, zest the lemons by grating their skin onto a board. Be careful not to nick your fingers!4) When you have zested the lemons, stir the rind into the sugar water solution.5) Next slice the lemons using a sharp knife, being careful to hold the lemon strongly so that it does not slide off the chopping board. 6) When all the lemons have been zested and sliced, add them to the sugar solution and stir. Then add the citric acid and make sure it has dissolved. 7) Finally, push the elderflower heads down into the solution so that they are submerged.  8) Then leave, covered with a cloth, for 24-48 hours to steep in a cool, dark place.9) Strain the steeped mixture through a fine muslin cloth and use a funnel to pour into a sterilised bottle or other clean container.10) And now for the best bit…..dilute with water and drink with friends!  Barley was awarded the **************Certificate of Achievement**************for getting organised and more self reliant.Corey took the 3 stick insects home for the weekend and Mayanna has Charlie the Chimp for the weekend too!