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Base camp

On Monday we had our first Forest School session with Mr Pritchard.  We were looking for items to burn on our camp- fire linked to both our Science topic and our Fire Topic work.  We sorted them into two piles, predicting whether they would burn or not. Mayanna lit the fire and we tested our predictions by seeing if our items would burn. After that,  we could choose what we wanted to do in the Forest School area but we were not allowed to walk inside the base camp circle because of the fire. Some of us built a wigwam and hung  string from inside it, lots of us lined up to have a go on the rope swing, some of us dug into the soil with little trowels and looked for creatures and some of us discovered fungi.  We all loved it and are looking forward to our next session. Mrs Armstrong was there too with some parent helpers.In maths this week we have learnt how to add and take away tens – some of us found it hard but persevered, some of us got it and loved doing lots. Some of us even came in  and did extra during lunch for fun!We have gone crazy for Dr Seuss this week and have a big collection of books  in the classroom now. We all have different favourite stories by him. His rhymes are funny and silly.We had Writing Cafe this Friday –  Maddy, Jayden and Marley were the best customers, writing lots and sharing the snacks.Tyler took the stick insects home last week and the magic pot will choose who has them next……. 

Does soil burn?


Free play with our friends time


We took turns on the rope swing.